Friday’s Mini-Report, 2.16.18

Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Parkland: “Less than six weeks before Nikolas Cruz committed one of the deadliest school shootings in American history, someone who knew him called an FBI tip line to complain about him, the agency revealed on Friday. But no one followed up.”

* White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has “approved an overhaul of how the White House manages security-clearance investigations, acknowledging missteps but putting the onus on the FBI and the Justice Department to now hand-deliver updates and provide more information.”

* Keep an eye on Shulkin: “The secretary of veterans affairs, David J. Shulkin, for a year enjoyed rare bipartisan support in Washington as he reformed his department, but now officials in the Trump administration are trying to replace him.”

* Again? “Jared Kushner quietly filed an addendum to his personal financial disclosure adding even more previously undisclosed business interests in recent weeks – and may have even more to disclose, according to real estate documents shared with TPM.”

* Really? “9 out of 10 public schools now hold mass shooting drills for students.”

* I meant to mention this 4th Circuit ruling yesterday: “A second federal appeals court ruled on Thursday against President Trump’s latest effort to limit travel from countries said to pose a threat to the nation’s security.”

* It’s of real interest if the top internal watchdog for the FCC has opened an investigation into whether FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his aides “improperly pushed for the rule changes and whether they had timed them to benefit” Sinclair Broadcasting.

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Friday's Mini-Report, 2.16.18