Friday’s Mini-Report

Today’s edition of quick hits:
* Russia has limited arrows in its economic quiver: “As he cemented Russian control of Crimea, Mr. Putin declared a temporary cease-fire in a tit-for-tat battle of economic and political sanctions between Moscow and the West.”
* NSA Susan Rice said a “fundamental reassessment” of U.S.-Russia relations is underway: “She said the U.S. and Europe since the end of the Cold War had worked to integrate Russia into the global economy and international community. ‘But that was predicated on an expectation that Russia would play by the rules of the road: the economic and security rules of the road, international law and the norms and principles that govern responsible international action,’ President Obama’s top adviser on national security told reporters at the White House.”
* More on this on tonight’s show: “The F.B.I. agent who fatally shot a Chechen man in May during an interrogation about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in an Orlando apartment has been cleared of wrongdoing by a prosecutor in Florida and by the F.B.I.’s internal review of the shooting, according to law enforcement officials.”
* Iraq: “Thirty-seven people were killed on Friday in a wave of bombings and attacks across Iraq, and eight soldiers were kidnapped, security officials said.”
* The state House in Georgia this afternoon passed “a sweeping gun bill late Thursday night that allows firearms in bars, nightclubs, school classrooms and certain government buildings that lack security personnel or devices.”
* NSA: “Even as Washington grapples with the diplomatic and political fallout of Mr. Snowden’s leaks, the more urgent issue, companies and analysts say, is economic. Tech executives, including Eric E. Schmidt of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, are expected to raise the issue when they return to the White House on Friday for a meeting with President Obama.”
* Tennessee: “A federal judge has denied Tennessee’s request to put the state’s recognition of three same-sex couples’ marriages on hold while state officials challenge the judge’s original decision.”
* Rhode Island: “Federal and state law enforcement authorities took over House Speaker Gordon D. Fox’s State House office Friday morning, carrying storage boxes and a bag marked ‘evidence.’”
* Huh? “Another conservative media personality isn’t quite ready to let go of the Arizona news anchor’s retracted claim that White House reporters give press secretary Jay Carney their questions in advance.”
* And they’re nothing if not on-message at all times: “Fox’s Empathy For Malaysian Airliner Victims: ‘Feels Like The Families Of Benghazi.’”
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Friday's Mini-Report