Florida lost 22,000 jobs last month, half of them government

Despite all appearances, this is a government job.
Despite all appearances, this is a government job.
Florida Governor Rick Scott's office

Maybe Florida Governor Rick Scott should study up on Texas, where the growth in government jobs has given Rick Perry a claim to being “America’s jobs governor.”

The latest jobs figures from Florida show that Mr. Scott’s state lost 22,100 jobs last month. If you look at the chart, which I highly recommend, you’ll see that more than half of those were government jobs – 1,500 at the state level, 9,700 local. Another 3,800 jobs in education disappeared.

That would include situations like the one in the Duval County school district, where they laid off more than 250 workers last month. As they’re experiencing in Ohio, another austerity state that lost jobs last month, public jobs are real jobs.