Fear Itself

Fear Itself
Fear Itself

Foreign Policy magazine has been tracking America’s leaders to find out what they believe is “the” greatest threat to U.S. national security or the American way of life. You can guess some of the answers: China’s nuclear arsenal, Yemen, homegrown terror, Iran. President Obama’s number one fear is a lone wolf terrorist attack. Senator Barbara Boxer went big picture and picked global warming. All super scary. Worry accomplished. So what are some prominent Republicans afraid of most in the whole world?

-Gov. Rick Perry: President Barack Obama
-Rick Santorum: Obamacare
-Newt Gingrich: The radical secular socialist machine
-American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: The homosexual agenda

Good call, gentlemen, so much scarier than rogue nukes. But I think they’re forgetting a few. What about the imminent threat of…

  • Glee
  • Skinny jeans
  • Wet Gremlins
  • OWS drum circles
  • Google (Att: Rick Santorum)
  • Bad Lip Reading videos

And, obviously

  • Teachers, librarians, cops and firefighters

What are you afraid of? Please tell us in the comments.

Fear Itself