Don’t worry, Mississippi. You’ll still have greenhouse gases


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has been on a tear, putting down real money to bring green jobs to the state. The latest is the solar company Stion, which picks up where Solyndra left off. Governor Barbour lured them to Hattiesburg with a $75 million loan, a lot like the $75.2 million deal he made for Calisolar.

Governor Barbour’s odds-on successor, Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant, visited the Stion plant last week and filed this video update:

We’re going to see new high-tech energy moving ahead, the green-type energy that we all believe will be part of the future. But don’t worry. We’re going to still drill for oil. We’re going to still use CO2. We’re going to still use coal in our clean-coal gasification plant. Our energy policy is all of the above, and more jobs for Mississippi.

A little more: In theory, you can use carbon dioxide, C02, for fuel, as Mr. Bryant (perhaps unwittingly) suggests, but it’s not what you’d want to call practical just yet.

Phil Bryant, Haley Barbour and Mississippi

Don't worry, Mississippi. You'll still have greenhouse gases