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Don't thread on me

Good news for the fashion forward tea patriot in your life: Glenn Beck is launching his own clothing line.

Says the Mother Nature News:

Called “1791: The Original Blueprint,” the collection will include polo shirts and long-sleeved button downs all manufactured in the United States. …He plans to donate some percentage of profits from the sales of the clothes to families in need after natural disasters and other causes.

The name 1791 refers to the year The Bill of Rights passed —the “original blueprint.” Never mind that the document was signed by men wearing powder wigs and knee breeches; once again Glenn Beck is ahead of the curve. America has waited 240 years for not only sportswear, but for entire lines of handbags, belts, fragrances, bathmats and dog beds with the conservative stamp of approval. Imagine the branding possibilities:

Hockey Fight by Tim Pawlenty
From the Great North Woods comes a look as rugged, as testosterone drenched, as unambiguously masculine as Tim Pawlenty himself. Puck, yeah!

Eterni-Tea by Michele Bachmann
Refined elegance for the modern patriot–and for the enraged meerkat shrieking inside her skull.

Dough by Herman Cain
Look like a million bucks. Smell like a meat lovers combo.

Contract by Newt Gingrich
Find the Newt in you. And then sell it on as many revenue streams as your servers can handle.

Liber-WEAR-ian by Ron Paul
On the radical fringe of fashion independence.

Huntsman by John Huntsman
Are you out there all alone, miles from the mainstream, surrounded by hostile predators? Then you’re a Huntsman, too.

Thad by Thaddeus McCotter
Sporty American classics for the conservative man who knows that down deep, he really is better than most people.

Rick Perry’s Texas Miracle
Secede with style!

Me, Me, Me by Sarah Palin
Tell the world: It’s not about you, it’s about Me. Me. Me.

Mitt by Mitt Romney
Be any man, every man, at any given time, for any given group of people. Mitt. When being yourself isn’t quite enough.

Any other ideas, trendsetting TRMSers?

Don't thread on me