Does Santorum’s record matter?


OK, so we didn’t take Rick Santorum seriously until he finished eight votes behind Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses. Last night on the show, Rachel asked whether Senator Santorum goes through the same brutal vetting process the other leading candidate have faced.

When, for example, does Mr. Santorum have to answer for his part in the sex scandal that ended the career of Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada? When does he get asked about why he chose to tip off Senator Ensign that he was in trouble, but chose to call on Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner after his sex scandal?

Now that he’s essentially tied Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses, does an ethical face plant like that matter? Does a big ethical hypocrisy face plant like that matter for a guy like Rick Santorum?

Is Rick Santorum going to get vetted as a front runner in the Republican contest? Or is Rick Santorum still seen as being so unlikely to win the actual nomination that nobody’s really going to care, that his record will continue to get as little attention as it has had so far?

The answer, in part, is now. Reuters looks today at Senator Santorum’s record on earmarks and lobbying, which is extensive.

Rick Santorum

Does Santorum's record matter?