Decryptomaddowlogical #49

Decryptomaddowlogical #49
Decryptomaddowlogical #49

Ok, a relatively easy one to get us back after missing Friday. Y’know, something that occurred to me over the weekend is that while our communal comment thread works fine as a cheat sheet, I never made a list of all of the answers for the purpose of not repeating any. No repeats after 49 puzzles is pretty good so far though.

Anyway, tonight’s clue:

A home-printed plastic gun not only undermines the law signed by Ronald Reagan banning plastic guns but undermines a whole system of security and detection based on expectations about a gun’s properties. When it comes to gun orthodoxy, a printed plastic gun is a 

Need help? Need to shout out the answer without spoiling anyone else’s game?

There’s a thread for that.

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