Day of Destruction, Decade of War


Tonight we watched the first installment of the Day of Destruction, Decade of War documentary. The clips from tonight’s airing are in the regular TRMS video player and in the right margin of this blog, but they’re also being collected here, where you’ll also find links to Richard Engel’s documentaries, “Tip of the Spear” and “War Zone Diary 2008,” and Rachel Maddow’s documentaries, “The Assassination of Dr. Tiller” and “The McVeigh Tapes.”

One thing to be aware of is that Day of Destruction, Decade of War was conceived as being made up of “chapters.” So when you look at the video clip page you’ll see it divided into Richard’s segments and Rachel’s segments and sub groups from there. Since we’ve only seen a third of the documentary so far, some of the chapters are empty right now but they’ll contain the appropriate clips once the whole thing has aired.

Part 2 of Day of Destruction, Decade of War airs Friday, September 2nd at 9 pm ET.

(NOTE: This will be a 2-hour broadcast. Make sure your DVR doesn’t think the 10pm hour is LockUp.)