DADT report: About those showers….

@Jender13 finds this in the Pentagon study calling for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:
“Concerns about showers and bathrooms are based on a stereotype–that gay men and lesbians will behave in an inappropriate or predatory manner in these situations. As one gay former Service member told us, to fit in, co-exist, and conform to social norms, gay men have learned to avoid making heterosexuals feel uncomfortable or threatened in situation such as this. The reality is that people of different sexual orientation use shower and bathroom facilities together every day in hundreds of thousands of college dorms, college and high school gyms, professional sports locker rooms, police and fire stations, and athletic clubs.”
That’s on page 141. “Blasting stereotypes out of the water (pun maybe intended…),” @Jender13 writes. Group read continues here.

(Image: Military Shower from Project 29 to 30.)


DADT report: About those showers....