Could #Ohio governor get more unpopular? (Yes!)

Could #Ohio governor get more unpopular? (Yes!)
Could #Ohio governor get more unpopular? (Yes!)
Governor John Kasich's office


Ohio Governor John Kasich has been disliked ever since he started balancing the state budget by shifting resources to corporations and stripping union rights. By one measure, he was already America’s co-least-popular governor.

A new poll from Quinnipiac shows him losing three points in the approval ratings since May, down to 35 percent by their count. “Gov. Kasich’s name remains mud in the eyes of the Ohio electorate,” a poll director says.

Two other numbers from Quinnipiac suggest why. Voters in the poll say they think the state budget is unfair to people like them, by 50 to 32 percent. Opposition to Governor Kasich’s union-stripping measure, SB 5, has grown – from 48 percent in March to 52 percent now. That one appears heading for a referendum, with nearly four times the number of petition signatures required.

In other John Kasich news, the governor signed a new law today banning late-term abortions– it’s good for the base, what’s left of it.

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