Cocktail Moment: 'The Frisco'

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[workbenchVideo:47573143]Adapted from the show script...

The beautiful, bewitching, otherworldly Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 years old this weekend.
So as a happy birthday to the bridge, and an excuse to teach you how to make a really delicious whisky-drink that has a horrendous name, I hereby present to you... The Frisco.
I know! Worst name in the world, right? No one from San Francisco would ever use that word -- but the drink is delicious, so here you go:

2 ounces of Rye
½ ounce of lemon juice (from real, actual lemons)
½ ounce of Benedictine
and some ice cubes

By rights, you're supposed to shake a Frisco (you're supposed to shake anything with fruit juice in it), but I prefer to stir it. Sue me.
Pour it into a cocktail glass...

...and think happy, foggy, 75-year-old, international-orange-colored thoughts.