Citations for the May 10, 2016 TRMS


Tonight’s guests:

  • Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent
  • Andrea Bernstein, senior editor for politics and policy at WNYC

Tonight’s links:

Alex Burgos - ‏@BurgosGOP - A few minutes ago, @marcorubio U.S. Senate staff welcomed him back to the office:

Bill Clark - ‏@billclarkphotos - .@SenTedCruz arrives back in the Capitol for the 1st time since suspending his presidential bid

Matt Fuller - ‏@MEPFuller - The choreography of Cruz’s return: He finishes a press conference, opens the door to his office, and then this:

The Trump freakout goes to 11

Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover

Donald Trump Just Became the Presumptive Nominee and #NeverTrump Republicans Are Freaking Out

House Republicans fear Trump effect

Fear trumps hope

June 7, 2016, Presidential Primary Election Republican Delegate List (pdf)

New White Supremacist PAC Robocalls: ‘Don’t Vote For A Cuban,’ Vote Trump! (AUDIO)

‘White nationalist’ sends robocalls to Utahns attacking Romney, touting Trump

Trump Selects a White Nationalist Leader as a Delegate in California

Reporter Asks Obama About Clinton Server: Don’t Want to “Meddle,” “Let The Process Play Out”

Vice President Joe Biden ‘Confident’ Hillary Clinton Will Be Democratic Nominee

William Baroni and Bridget Kelly indictment (pdf)

JANUARY 13, 2016 - Media companies ask court to release names of unindicted co-conspirators in GWB trial

Judge orders release of names in Bridgegate case (pdf)

JUL 29 2015 - Activists Hang From Oregon’s St. Johns Bridge to Protest Shell’s Arctic Oil Drilling

May 19, 2015 - Shell vows to explore Arctic despite Seattle protests

Big Oil Abandons $2.5 Billion in U.S. Arctic Drilling Rights

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Citations for the May 10, 2016 TRMS