Citations for the April 4, 2016


Tonight’s guests:

  • Yamiche Alcindor, national political reporter for The New York Times
  • Mordecai Lee, University of Wisconsin political science professor

Tonight’s links:

Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption

Ted Cruz claims 18-delegate win after North Dakota GOP convention

Trump camp accuses Tennessee GOP of stealing delegates

Ted Cruz wins first 6 Colorado delegates, Donald Trump shut out

Loras College Poll finds Cruz tops Trump, Clinton leads Sanders, tight race for state supreme court in Wisconsin

Scott Walker suggests being an Eagle Scout has prepared him to be commander in chief

White nationalist group robocall backs Donald Trump

White nationalist robocall for Donald Trump

CBS News 2016 Battleground TrackerWisconsin

Poll: GOP voters divided as April primaries loom

Bradley column

House sending religious objections bill to the governor

Senate passes ‘religious freedom’ bill

North Carolina Law May Risk Federal Aid

Amichai Stein - ‏@AmichaiStein1 - #BREAKING: mass protest demending #Iceland PM resign after #PanamaLeaks: Protesters tnrowing eggs at Parliament

17 August 1992 - Police traced laundered money around the world: Detectives described it as a ‘typical Old Kent Road armed robbery’ - except that this gang had pounds 26m worth of gold to dispose of. David Connett reports

Putin associates had $2 billion in offshore accounts, report says

Fund run by David Cameron’s father avoided paying tax in Britain

Idaho Democrats set turnout record at county caucuses

Utah Dems, Republicans see huge turnout for presidential caucuses

Alaska Democrats choose Sanders in caucus, record turnout reported

CRAZY FOR CAUCUS - Unprecedented voter turnout causes Utah County Democrats to run out of ballots

Democrats move to larger caucus venues, expect high turnout

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Citations for the April 4, 2016