Christine O’Donnell is not a witch (Good morning, Delaware!)

And a happy Tuesday morning, Delaware! We’re talking to Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons early today, then doing everything we can to talk to Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, or her campaign, or anyone who supports her and lives in Delaware. (If you fit the description, please send us a note.) It may be that Christine O’Donnell just prefers talking for herself, without the distractions of an interlocutor. You can see her doing that in her new ad above, where she says she’s not a witch, and also in this blog item for her campaign site, “O’Donnell Joins News Journal in Calling upon Coons to Resign.” Whoa, really? The Wilmington paper says Coons should step down as New Castle County executive? On her campaign blog, O’Donnell quotes herself to that effect, twice:
“If Coons fails to show up for work every day in New Castle County, why should we expect him to show up for work in Washington while accepting money from taxpayers,” O’Donnell continued.
In our live broadcast from Delaware tonight, we’re hoping to bring you someone from the News Journal, maybe even the guy who wrote that op-ed, Ron Williams. And his op-ed isn’t quite what O’Donnell would have you believe. For starters, it’s headlined “It’s time for Coons to start seeing O’Donnell as a serious threat.” What it really says, after the jump. Williams writes:
Coons should seriously consider resigning as New Castle County executive so he can put all his daily efforts into this campaign. Polls have him some 15 points ahead of O’Donnell, but she also has a top-notch Virginia public relations agency, Shirley & Banister, and they are sure to start to hammer at the fact that Coons is not running the county while he’s campaigning (some, of course, will say he hasn’t been running the county for months). None of the other candidates for federal office currently has a job or holds office, so that leaves Coons out there as a sort of a lone ranger.
In other words, Coons has his critics. He has a serious challenger in O’Donnell. And he has a job, which O’Donnell does not. This is going to be a great, great day in Delaware.

(Julia Nutter and crew have been setting up for Chris Coons this morning.)

Christine O'Donnell is not a witch (Good morning, Delaware!)