Chart: Who gets Obamacare

When it comes to signing up for health insurance through the new law, early data show a wide gap between the red and blue states. Last night on the show (video below), producer Mike made a chart based on statistics from this new AP report:

Newly released federal figures show more people are picking private insurance plans or being routed to Medicaid programs in states with Democratic leaders who have fully embraced the federal health care law than in states where Republican elected officials have derisively rejected what they call “Obamacare.”

On one side of the political divide are a dozen mostly Democratic leaning states, including California, Minnesota and New York. They have both expanded Medicaid for lower-income adults and started their own health insurance exchanges for people to shop for federally subsidized private insurance.

On the other side are two dozen conservative states, such as Texas, Florida and Missouri. They have both rejected the Medicaid expansion and refused any role in running an online insurance exchange, leaving that entirely to the federal government.

Once again in this country, so much depends on where you live, and on the red state/blue state divide.


The Rachel Maddow Show, 12/12/13, 11:02 PM ET

GOP states falling behind on health coverage

Rachel Maddow shows that people in Democratic states are gaining health care coverage faster than those in Republican states that have resisted Obamacare.

Chart: Who gets Obamacare