California’s approach: Vote everywhere

California's approach: Vote everywhere
California's approach: Vote everywhere
Don Bartletti/LA Times

Sarah comments from California:

I live in Los Angeles. We have plenty of voting precincts and machines available. California has thousands of polling precincts, each serving maybe 200 people or
so. Lines at the end of the day are long, but nothing to compare when looking at
Ohio or Florida or other states.

How do we do it? We have polls set up everywhere (and I mean everywhere):

-wedding chapel
-garage of lifeguard headquarters
-private home
-school auditorium
-Krishna temple
-union office
-police museum
-Cetacean Society building
-fire station
-party supply store
-Echo Park indoor pool

My point is that Los Angeles facilitates the voting process, bringing it as close to the place where people live as possible, making the precincts small enough to be manageable.

It’s not that hard to do.

I went to look for photos of what Sarah describes, and sure enough, Californians are voting in laundromats. From the LA Times Framework blog:


California's approach: Vote everywhere