Run for Marathon victims last night in Cambridge, Mass.

‘Bostonians are a resilient bunch. We’re not going to back down. We’re going to run it next year. ‘


— Tim Briggs, one of 300 who took part in a run through the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, last night. The group raised $4,000 for the families of those killed and wounded in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.   

Runner Carrie Ozols, who crossed the finish line a half hour before the explosions, told,

“I feel like that’s how I cope with things – I go out and run with people, especially people I care about and run with regularly. If anything, I’m even more determined now.”

Ed O’Connor, the founder of Cambridge 5K, which organized the run, told Runner’s World:

“I think you’re going to see next year’s marathon be twice as big. I’ve heard people who aren’t in marathon shape say, ‘I’m going to start training right now.’”

Also, there is a social media campaign called Run for Boston calling for people everywhere to lace ‘em up today and get going for Boston:

'Bostonians are a resilient bunch. We're not going to back down. We're going to run it next year. We're not going to have fear. '

On Wednesday, April 17, runners, non-runners, and people who believe in hope and peace will run together as a sign of solidarity for the people and runners of Boston.” Run for Boston is also is calling on runners to 1) Gather your friends 2) Pick a place 3) Wear blue or yellow and 4) take a picture with a “run for Boston” sign and post it at their site.