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Bonds strengthen between Trump and his favorite tabloid

It’s not hard to think of news outlets that go out of their way to boost Donald Trump, but do any of them go quite as far as the National Enquirer?

I’ve passed by the tabloid countless times at grocery stores, and as best as I can tell, it’s always focused largely on celebrity gossip: Celebrity A is having an affair with Celebrity B; Celebrity C is dying; Celebrity D is in rehab; etc. It’s oddly fascinating, though, to see the National Enquirer take steps to add pro-Trump propaganda to its mission.

Its current cover, for example, tells readers President Obama has “ignited” a national security crisis, but Americans shouldn’t worry – because Donald Trump will “fix” the problem.

Last week’s cover said in all-caps, “Lying Obamas Destroyed!” There’s “proof,” the National Enquirer added, that the president “was not” born in the United States.

The cover before that featured a big cover photo of Trump and his family. The cover before that assured readers that Trump is “taking charge” and has achieved “success in just 36 days!”

The cover before that insisted Trump will “save 25 million jobs!” The cover before that told readers that “Trump was right” about “Muslim spies in Obama’s CIA!”

The cover before that said Trump’s border wall will “smash” drug traffickers. The cover before that said Trump will do amazing things in his first 100 days – alongside a headline that read, “We told you so.”
The cover before that said Hillary Clinton is “going to jail.” The cover before that called Clinton a “corrupt, racist criminal.”

It may seem like I’m exaggerating, but this is a literal list: every single National Enquirer cover since Halloween – and most of the covers since last summer – have praised Trump, attacked the Clintons, attacked the Obamas, or some combination therein.

RNC press releases tend to be more subtle in their praise.

As we talked about a few weeks ago, Trump has gone out of his way to praise the National Enquirer, saying the tabloid “should be very respected” and deserves “Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting.”

Evidently, the affection is mutual.