Blue dot letters: North Carolina disappearing down rabbit hole

Blue dot letters: North Carolina disappearing down rabbit hole
Blue dot letters: North Carolina disappearing down rabbit hole

North Carolina will not, after, establish an official state religion or declare the state immune from the First Amendment, now that the state’s Republican House speaker has decided to let that one go. On that other stuff, like taxing families if the kids register to vote at college, North Carolina Republicans are going for it.

Yesterday we heard from a raft of blue dots in the red sea of North Carolina, most of them wondering what in the world has happened to their state.

@debbieledford: “I wish I could afford to get out of here.”

@tradebait: “I live in North Carolina. The state is now a great big tea party experiment.”

@swerver: “yeah, I’m in Raleigh. Traditionally NC kinda maintained their progressive leanings while other southern red states did not. But all that has changed now. We have disappeared down the rabbit hole.”

@mlenox: “I wonder how this would work for me…my parents live in NC, but I go to college in NY. Still, I’ve about given up on defending my home state to people. Clearly we’re not all crazy, but it seems the small portion of us that have maintained our sanity are starting to get out QUICK.”

@KtWard: “This is frustrating news, to be sure, but I’m not even remotely surprised by it… . Obama’s 2012 loss in NC – despite the DNC’s best efforts to exploit his ‘08 win by hosting their convention in Charlotte – also came as no surprise to me. NC has a Blue pocket or two, but all in all the state is every bit as Red as the rest of the deep south. I’m sure the folks in Asheville will have a thing or two to say, but otherwise this will go largely unnoticed.”

@Russ_Haddad: “As a constituent of Sen. Bill Cook’s in rural northeast North Carolina, I am appalled by the moves made by him and his cronies that are making the Tar Heel state regressive rather than progressive. He is a buffoon, but this is what the voters wanted. Unfortunately, by the time they realize their mistakes it will take decades to fix what they leave behind.”

(Image: @taberandrew/Flickr/Creative Commons. Video below: North Carolina Republicans want tax hike for student voting.)