Birther Kreep closing in on Peed for judgeship


California is getting closer to having a birther for a judge.

In the funny-names rodeo that is judicial race between Garland Peed and Gary Kreep, leading birther attorney Kreep emerged with a edge of 56 votes after the first round of vote-counting last week, with 135,000 absentee votes left to count. Kreep then fell behind by 601 votes as counting continued. The two are competing for a Superior Court judgeship in San Diego County.

Now, with 17,700 remaining, Kreep has close the gap again – to 79 votes. With his chances looking better, Kreep found himself on local KPBS talking about his birther views and the birther lawsuit he filed. From KPBS:

If Kreep is elected, he does not think his position on these issues will affect his credibility.

“Representing clients has nothing to do with handing out justice,” he said. “Judges make law every day, and judges need to be open minded.”

“If I am elected, my role as a judge is to uphold the United States Constitution, then the California Constitution, then the laws of the state,” he said. “My personal views really have nothing to do with how I rule on cases, I have to follow the law, that’s what I’m required to do.”

“My world view is based on the Bible, is based on the Constitution,” he added. “If you read the Founding Fathers’ documents, they based the Constitution on the Bible, you look at the Declaration of Independence, they’re not talking about some esoteric thing, they’re talking about God.”

San Diego County updates the race every day at 5 P.M. local time, if you want to click along with us.

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