Art Robinson backs hormesis. What the heck’s that?

Now that we all know who Art Robinson is – and wow – let’s take a look at one of the Oregon Republican’s big ideas, hormesis. Essentially, hormesis holds that low-level radiation is good for you, that it’s healing. Merriam-Webster helps us out this way, defining hormesis as “a theoretical phenomenon of dose-response relationships in which something (as a heavy metal or ionizing radiation) that produces harmful biological effects at moderate to high doses may produce beneficial effects at low doses.” So far, so good. As you can see in the video from Radiation Hormesis above, there’s now a whole subculture attached to this idea, and it gets interesting in a hurry. Wanna buy a Green Stone that “was commonly used in Atlantis and Lemuria because of its general healing properties”? Radiation Hormesis will tell you all about it.