‘And how did you celebrate Bank Transfer Day?’

'And how did you celebrate Bank Transfer Day?'
'And how did you celebrate Bank Transfer Day?'

In answer to Rachel’s question, I think, Fred Wilder sends this report from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania:

Lewisburg, Pa. is the county seat of Union County, located in central Pennsylvania.  It contains the 2nd highest ratio of Republican to Democratic voter registration of any county in Pennsylvania.  On October 15, 2011, 300+ people showed up to support the Occupy Wall Street movement.  On October 22, 2011, a teach-in was conducted at Bucknell University, on October 27 OWS supporters joined with local environmental groups to oppose fracking and support local regulations to ban it.  On November 5 approximately 100 people rallied in Lewisburg, Pa. in support of Bank Transfer Day and to organize further events.  The rally began with a free screening of “Inside Job” at our local pride and joy the Campus Theater.  Someone made some great chili, had hot cider, hot chocolate and coffee to ward off the autumn chill.

Maybe what we’re seeing are the few Democrats of Lewisburg, the lefties we’d expect to see at a rally like this. Or maybe, as Bishop Gene Robinson told us last night, we’re seeing the beginning of a national conversation about a morals-based economics.

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