Alliteration Alert

Alliteration Alert
Alliteration Alert

Last night, while talking about Mitt Romney’s new education plan, we mentioned a clever example of alliteration Mr. Romney presented to a class full of elementary students: Dogs drive Douglas dizzy.

Clever, unless of course it reminds you of Mitt Romney’s history of putting the family dog on the roof of a car during long vacation drives, even after the dog got sick.

Then, it gets an “F” as in: a total “Fail.”

To avoid such pitfalls in the future, we’re asking you for advice on alliteration Mitt Romney should avoid at all cost. Here are some examples:

Cute Kids with Crew Cuts

Fundraising with friends in finance is fun

Making millions isn’t making much.

Cadillacs are cars too

Poor people, please pay the price.

Students struggling to stay in school? So sorry.

Obama opines other options to outsourcing.

Trump & Taitz taint the truth.

Mitt’s Mantra: Make More for Millionaires

Submit your own and we’ll pick some favorites!

Alliteration Alert