Ahead on the 11/11 Maddow show

Tonight’s guests include:

Max Smith, reporter for WTOP radio, broke the story about ballot-counting troubles in Fairfax County, Virginia

Bettina Luescher, spokesperson for the United Nations’ World Food Program

State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, (D) Wisconsin

And here is executive producer Bill Wolff, with a tiny preview of tonight’s show:

The Rachel Maddow Show, 11/11/13, 7:16 PM ET

Happy Veterans Day

Bill Wolff, executive producer of the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of Monday’s show – the latest on the typhoon in the Philippines and how you can help, plus the situation in Virginia as one county struggles to count the votes from last week’s…

Ahead on the 11/11 Maddow show