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President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wave to the crowd at the Democratic National Convention, July 27, 2016 in Philadelphia, Penn. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty)

Obama passes the baton while scorching Trump

07/28/16 08:00AM

One of the challenges Democrats face when taking on Donald Trump is choosing which of his many flaws to focus on first. The list is daunting: Do you go after the Republican nominee's inexperience? His ignorance? His brazen dishonesty? Do you target his bigotry? His private-sector failures? What about his radical ideas? And his affection for authoritarian dictators?
At the Democratic National Convention, President Obama didn't choose any of these, preferring a broader theme: Donald J. Trump just doesn't understand what make America great. In fact, the GOP candidate is so wrong about the country, that his election would threaten the American experiment itself.
Much of the speech was focused, appropriately, on the president's praise of Hillary Clinton, and by any measure, Obama made the case for his former Secretary of State better than anyone has before.
But the president's denunciation of Trump's vision and values was as complete as any you have (or will) hear.
"Ronald Reagan called America 'a shining city on a hill.' Donald Trump calls it 'a divided crime scene' that only he can fix.... He's just offering slogans, and he's offering fear. He's betting that if he scares enough people, he might score just enough votes to win this election.
"And that's another bet that Donald Trump will lose. And the reason he'll lose it is because he's selling the American people short. We're not a fragile people. We're not a frightful people. Our power doesn't come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way. We don't look to be ruled. Our power comes from those immortal declarations first put to paper right here in Philadelphia all those years ago: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that We the People, can form a more perfect union.
"That's who we are. That's our birthright -- the capacity to shape our own destiny."
It's important to appreciate the irony: Trump has spent much of the last eight years questioning whether the president actually appreciates what it means to be an American. Last night was Obama's opportunity to not only answer the question, but also to turn the table.
Obama evokes 'changed America' in speech

President Obama evokes 'changed America' in speech

07/27/16 11:55PM

President Obama delivered a speech that was starkly different than Donald Trump's address at the RNC; it was one that painted an inspired and strong America, rather than a dark and desperate one. MSNBC's Joy Reid thinks it may have been his best speech yet. watch

DNC expects more Wikileaks e-mail releases

DNC expects more Wikileaks e-mail releases

07/27/16 07:07PM

Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, discusses the quantity of material stolen from their digital accounts by hackers and the expectation that Wikileaks will release more of it as the presidential campaign continues. watch


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