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Tapping into legal pot's potential

11/28/14 08:26AM

 Colorado’s Grand Experiment is nothing short of an economic, political, social and medical revolution. That realization, as well as my company’s my role in it, is something I regularly reflect on. I have been in the pot business for five years now. Family and friends have initially considered my career choice an odd, perhaps risky move. read more

Marijuana industry sees green after Colorado legalization

11/24/14 11:30AM

Colorado’s grand cannabis experiment has captured the imagination of America. After 75 years of marijuana prohibition, the state’s voters amended their constitution and legalized marijuana in all forms. The results have been remarkable. read more

Meet Matt Moorman: Owner of High Country Healing

11/20/14 02:31PM

Matt Moorman is the president of High Country Healing in Colorado Springs. In 2010, Matt met and partnered up with fellow Pot Baron, Nick Brown. Together they decided to absorb Matt's medical dispensary brand, Nature's Way, into Nick's High Country Healing enterprise. read more

Meet Pete Williams- Owner of Medicine Man

11/18/14 11:05AM

Pete Williams, the COO of Medicine Man, is the heart of the operation, a man who got into medical marijuana to help others. While Andy (Pete's brother) leads the company and is one of the industry’s forefathers and spokesmen, Pete dresses up like Willy Wonka on 4/20 and hands out free joints. Pete can be evangelical about the benefits of... read more

Meet Bob Eschino: Owner of Incredibles

11/18/14 09:49AM

Bob Eschino is the co-founder and partner of the infused edible company, Incredibles. As one of the top edible companies in the business, his work has been recognized at the Cannabis Cup 2013 where his Peanut Butter Buddha Bar won second place. read more

Meet Julie Dooley- Julie's Baked Goods

11/17/14 05:24PM

Julie Dooley is an organic baker and owner of Julie’s Baked Goods, applying her healthy approach to THC infused edibles. But these aren’t your dorm room pot brownies. read more

Meet Brian Ruden: Owner of Starbuds

11/11/14 01:57PM

Brian Ruden was a top tax attorney five years ago when he shifted careers. “When I told my law school friends I was giving it up to grow pot, they laughed at me. Now, they’re calling me for jobs or to invest a spare $100,000. Now, I’m the one who’s laughing, because their money looks pretty paltry next to the $10 million offers I see regularly. read more

Meet Nick Brown: Owner of High Country Healing

11/11/14 01:25PM

Nick Brown graduated Princeton in 2005, then rushed back home to Colorado, where he pursued a career in the family financial business. He had been the top high school football player in the state only four years before. The legacy of his gridiron career was many tattoos and chronic pain from his many broken bones and surgeries. read more

Meet Tripp Keber: Owner of Dixie Brands

11/07/14 04:36PM

In 2010, Tripp Keber and his two employees shared space in what he describes as a dump, no better than a drug house. Since then, the President and CEO of Dixie Brands has built the leading marijuana company in Colorado, an entity that is wooed all over the world and may very well deserve its marketing slogan, “The Future of Cannabis. read more

Meet Andy Williams: Owner of Medicine Man

11/07/14 12:20PM

Six-Part Series Airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET Special Sneak Peek Beginning on November 28. This Thanksgiving weekend, MSNBC will premiere “Pot Barons of Colorado.” The six-part documentary series will air Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning November 30th, with a special Sneak Peek airing Friday, November 28th. read more

“Pot Barons of Colorado" premieres on MSNBC November 30 at 10 PM ET/PT

11/07/14 11:44AM

Thanksgiving weekend, MSNBC will premiere “Pot Barons of Colorado.” The six-part documentary series will air Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning November 30th, with a special Sneak Peek airing Friday, November 28th. Produced by MSNBC’s Longform Unit and Triple Threat TV, the series follows the stories of Colorado-based ‘pot barons’ who will risk... read more

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