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E.g., 4/19/2015
 Young demonstrators carry "Justice for Tamir Rice" flag during Washington, DC march.

Images from the "Justice for All March"

12/22/14 06:47PM

On Saturday, December 13th, nearly 25,000 demonstrators marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC for the “Justice for All March” led by Rev. Al Sharpton. The march was an organized protest against aggressive policing in minority communities and the recent grand jury decision not to indict officers in Ferguson, MO, and New York City. read more

Inside the GOP's burgeoning 'civil war'

Inside the GOP's burgeoning 'civil war'

12/22/14 06:30PM

Two possible 2016 GOP contenders have been snapping at each other lately: Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Marco Rubio have gotten into a war of words over President Obama’s foreign policy with Cuba. Joan Walsh and E.J. Dionne join Rev. Sharpton to weigh in. watch

The Garner family condemns NYPD attack

The Garner family condemns NYPD attack

12/22/14 06:00PM

Rev. Sharpton talks to Eric Garner’s mother and widow about the recent attacks against two NYPD officers. They strongly condemn the actions of Ismaaiyl Brinsley and explain what needs to happen to begin the healing process between law enforcement and prot watch

Momentum continues to grow — but are we on the cusp of change?

12/19/14 08:13PM

Angela and Jamar sat down for a quick breakfast in Ollie’s Trolly, a large café decorated with iconic ornaments reminiscent of the 1950s. They had come from Patterson, New Jersey to participate in revered Al Sharpton’s “Justice for All” march in Washington, D.C. “We had to come here and make a statement,” Angela said.  read more

Pres. Obama’s plan of attack

Pres. Obama’s plan of attack

12/19/14 06:30PM

Today President Obama said he knows next year won’t be easy, but he also won’t let Republicans tear down his biggest achievements. Rev. Sharpton talks to Jason Johnson and Dana Milbank about what this means for his final two years in office. watch

Pres. Obama: ‘We are better off’

Pres. Obama: ‘We are better off’

12/19/14 06:16PM

President Obama made a full-throated case for his agenda and his achievements thus far on Friday. Rev. Sharpton talks to Rep. Jim McDermott about the president’s remarks and what it means for his relationship with Republicans going forward. watch

Pres. Obama: Sony made a mistake

Pres. Obama: Sony made a mistake

12/19/14 06:00PM

President Obama gave blunt remarks Friday where he said Sony made the wrong choice in canceling the release of ‘The Interview.’ Rev. Sharpton talks to Nick Burns and EJ Dionne about the day’s remarks. watch


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