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Cultivating a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’...

Cultivating a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ campaign

10/25/12 08:00PM

The Romney campaign is working on recreating Mr. Romney’s image as that of a winner, in hopes that it will help him win the race. Yet more journalists are calling the campaign’s bluff on their momentum. MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Democratic Strategist... watch

Photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Obama becomes first sitting president to vote early

10/25/12 05:37PM

President Obama made history today, becoming the first sitting president to cast a ballot before Election Day. On the campaign trail before casting his vote, he praised early voting as a "great option" for people who "lead very busy lives."... read more

Romney team fighting to candidate as moderate

Romney team fighting to candidate as moderate

10/24/12 08:00PM

The Republican party has been taken over by the more radical views of the far right, and the Romney campaign is trying to distance their candidate from the fringe. Is it too late to convince voters that Romney has left his “severely conservative” views... watch

More than 6 million votes already cast

More than 6 million votes already cast

10/24/12 08:00PM

Just 13 days to go until election day, and millions of Americans have already cast their ballot. Rev. Al Sharpton takes a look at the early numbers, and what they mean for the race going forward. watch

Trump’s ‘game-changing’ announcement falls...

Trump’s ‘game-changing’ announcement falls flat

10/24/12 08:00PM

For days, Donald Trump has been hyping an announcement he promised would shake up the presidential election. Instead, Trump offered President Obama 5 million dollars to the charity of his choice if he provides his passport application, college records... watch

Both candidates stake claim on momentum

Both candidates stake claim on momentum

10/24/12 08:00PM

President Obama is on a whirlwind tour around the country as the end of the campaign nears, in hopes of keeping his numbers up. The president currently leads in the polls and is ahead but as much as 5 points in Ohio, yet the Romney campaign claims they... watch

Donald Trump makes his "big announcement" on YouTube.

Poll: Will Trump's announcement have any impact?

10/24/12 04:38PM

The big time Romney-supporter and birther conspiracy enthusiast Donald Trump finally revealed the "big announcement" he'd been hyping all week this morning. After waxing on with the beloved right-wing talking point that our 44th president has not been properly vetted, he gave Pres. Obama an offer that according to Trump the... read more

Photo: AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File

Buckeye of the storm: Why Ohio voting rights matter

10/23/12 03:50PM

With only 14 days until election day, it has become even clearer that Ohio voters are probably going to be deciding whether Mitt Romney gets to move into the White House, or President Obama gets to stick around for another four years.... read more

Ghost of George W. Bush haunts Romney’s...

Ghost of George W. Bush haunts Romney’s debate

10/22/12 08:00PM

Former President George W. Bush may be the third person on stage during the presidential debate on foreign policy. His influence can be seen in Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors as 17 of them come from the Bush-Cheney administration. Former... watch

Clear Channel removes voter fraud billboards

Clear Channel removes voter fraud billboards

10/22/12 08:00PM

Billboards declaring voter fraud as a crime are being removed by Clear Channel after complaints of voter intimidation. The billboards will be replaced with a message that says voting is a right, not a crime. Bishop Victor Curry and Lee Rowland of the... watch


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