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E.g., 11/22/2014
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama wave to the audience during the first presidential debate. (Photo: AP/Charlie Neibergall)

Poll: who will win tonight?

10/16/12 12:23PM

The 2nd match-up between Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. is important for both candidates. Romney has been inching closer to Obama in the polls almost every day since their first debate and both candidates have something to prove tonight. read more


The battleground billboards trying to intimidate minority voters

10/15/12 07:36PM

More than 100 billboards with slogans like "voter fraud is a felony" are popping up in Wisconsin and Ohio, a move some call an attempt to intimidate minorities from heading to the polls. Most of the signs are in Milwaukee, primarily in Hispanic, African-American and poor neighborhoods—groups that tend to vote Democratic. The billboards show people locked up, and warn that voter fraud can result in up to 3 1/2 years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. The sign spaces were purchased anonymously from Clear Channel. read more

First Lady Michelle Obama poses with her absentee ballot on Oct. 15th, (Photo: Obama for America/Jocelyn Augustino)

First lady wants you to vote early, leads by example

10/15/12 04:05PM

First lady Michelle Obama has been a big advocate for early voting at rallies in the last few weeks, and now she's leading by example. The campaign just released this photo, via Flickr, of Mrs. Obama proudly showing off her absentee ballot. She's definitely not the only Obama supporter out there casting her ballot early. New data shows that early voting, so far, is looking good for Democrats. read more

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally with his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan and campaign surrogate Sen. Rob Portman. (Photo: AP/Al Behrman)

Romney's latest talking point is untrue. But why stop now?

10/15/12 01:53PM

For those of you who follow politics and the the economy closely—especially if you're also a Democrat—Rep. Paul Ryan's assertion during last Thursday's debate that the unemployment rate is going up "all around America" was enough to make you shake your head in disbelief. It might have even made you shake your fists at the television. But even though that talking point's not accurate, it's  still on the Romney surrogate cheat sheet. Here's what Sen. Rob Portman said Sunday on ABC's This Week.
 read more

While publicly calling the stimulus a "wasteful spending spree," Paul Ryan requested stimulus money for his district to fuel job growth.

Ed Rendell to Paul Ryan: ‘Medicare and Social Security made this country the envy of the world’

10/12/12 09:03PM

Up until Thursday’s vice presidential debate, it would have been easy for a voter to believe that both Obama and Romney’s campaigns have similar plans for Social Security and Medicare. Fortunately, Paul Ryan has clarified his argument by doubling down on his ambitions to privatize Social Security. On Friday’s PoliticsNation, Rev. Al Sharpton talked to former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne about what that means for the election. They concurred that, as Rendell put it, Romney can “either repudiate his running mate or say privatization is on the table.” read more

What we learned during the VP debate

10/12/12 07:19PM

We’ve learned that the vice president loves to laugh. We learned that Paul Ryan needs to hydrate - a lot! But last night, we also got a revealing look at what life might be like in a Romney-Ryan administration: Social Security outsourced to Wall Street, Medicare becoming vouchercare, abortion illegal... women's rights taking a backseat. Clearly there's so much at stake. Let's not get sidetracked by body language. Let the focus be where it needs to be: on what the Romney-Ryan policies would do to this country. And then let's get to work. 25 days until election day. read more

Vice President Joe Biden reacts to a question during the vice presidential debate. (Photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP)

How we know Joe won: the right rips style over substance

10/12/12 01:35PM

Much of the next-day coverage of Thursday's vice presidential debate is calling the match a draw. Vice President Biden had some good points, Rep. Ryan held his own, so it's all even. But we can't help but notice that the right-wing's biggest talking point today, centers around not what Biden said, but how he said it, and how he reacted. His gesticulations, interruptions, and smiles have people on the right slinging some pretty harsh insults at the vice president. read more


Ryan drops endorsement of Wisc. lawmaker who said 'some girls rape easy'

10/11/12 06:45PM

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan dropped his endorsement of a Wisconsin state lawmaker who is under fire for controversial remarks he made about rape. State Rep. Roger Rivard recently told a local newspaper that his father told him "some girls, they rape so easy," as a way to warn him that women could consent to sex but then later claim they had not. Ryan's spokesman, Kevin Siefert, said in a statement that the vice presidential candidate believes "there is no place in our discourse for rhetoric such as this" and that Ryan cannot support Rivard "or his indefensible comments." read more