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E.g., 3/2/2015
Rush Limbaugh (Photo by Ron Edmonds/AP)

Why the rightwing is rooting for another recession

02/01/13 07:30PM

As the indications of a successful economic recovery continue to pop up, pundits on the right seemed to be hoping for bad news.  On Thursday's radio program, Rush Limbaugh seemed willing to sacrifice economic gains just to see the president hurt. "Any immediate economic setback, or the perception of one, could weaken Obama's clout... read more

Hillary Clinton says so long, for now

Hillary Clinton says so long, for now

02/01/13 07:00PM

Hundreds of workers gathered at the State Department to say goodbye to Hillary Clinton as she stepped down as Secretary of State. Clinton faced many attacks over her years in public life, has she vanquished the “right-wing conspiracy” once and for all?... watch

GOP vows to block Consumer Protection nominee

GOP vows to block Consumer Protection nominee

02/01/13 07:00PM

Senate Republicans are vowing to block President Obama’s nominee to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray. They claim the bureau has too much power over banks. Is the GOP playing games with the economy for political points?... watch

No Senate comeback for Scott Brown

No Senate comeback for Scott Brown

02/01/13 07:00PM

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown announced he will not be running for Sen. John Kerry’s seat. E.J. Dionne weighs in on Brown’s decision to stay on the sidelines. watch

This undated family photo provided by Damon Stewart shows 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton of Chicago. Pendleton was shot and killed Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, in a Chicago park as she talked with friends by a gunman who apparently was not even aiming at her....

Mom of slain Chicago teen: 'She was Hadiya. She was just special'

01/31/13 07:06PM

Heartbroken mother Cleo Cowley Pendleton was barely able to keep back tears Thursday when she joined PoliticsNation to talk about her pain, just two days after losing her 15 year old daughter Hadiya Pendleton to a bullet in a Chicago park. Pendleton described her daughter as a loving, happy kid who was was excited about her bright future. read more

Mother: ‘She was Hadiya, she was just...

Mother: ‘She was Hadiya, she was just special’

01/31/13 07:00PM

Chicago teenager Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed Tuesday, a victim of gun violence. Her death is inspiring people around the country to push for change to gun laws. Hadiya’s mother Cleo Cowley shares her story with Rev. Al Sharpton. watch


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