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E.g., 3/31/2015
E.g., 3/31/2015
 Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington before the Senate Armed Services Committee's confirmation hearing. He was rumored to have given a paid speech to a fake organization called "Friends of Hamas." (AP Photo/J. Scott...

Failure of filibuster reform puts Hagel confirmation at risk

02/14/13 02:40PM

Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s choice for Defense Secretary, is at risk of not being confirmed, thanks to a potential Republican filibuster—just weeks after Senate Democrats backed down in their bid to make such filibusters far harder. That’s got progressive activists who pushed for reform telling Harry Reid and co.: ‘We told you so.” read more

Photo by Alex Brandon/AP

A lesson in fearmongering from Wayne LaPierre

02/14/13 11:31AM

Having spent most of the last five years scaring gun owners into believing Barack Obama would take their guns, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre's decided to take his fearmongering to a whole new level in an opinion article for the Daily Caller.... read more

Sen. Marco Rubio takes a sip of water during his Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address

A swig and a miss! The scorecard on Rubio

02/13/13 09:01PM

Senator Marco Rubio had a big night on Tuesday, but he's gotten a whole lot more buzz for grabbing a sip of water than for anything else he said in his official Republican rebuttal to the president's State of the Union address.... read more

Obama to GOP: Get on board or get out of...

Obama to GOP: Get on board or get out of the way

02/13/13 07:00PM

President Obama kicked off a road trip to promote the plans laid out in his State of the Union address. His first stop was a factory in North Carolina where he focused on fairness. Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and Michelle Cottle join Rev. Al Sharpton. watch

Republicans stay seated over the poor, women

Republicans stay seated over the poor, women

02/13/13 07:00PM

Enthusiasm for the president’s State of the Union speech brought attendants to their feet 41 times, yet Republicans kept to their seats over women’s issues, poverty issues and preschoolers. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., talks with Rev. Al Sharpton... watch

President calls for action on equality

President calls for action on equality

02/13/13 07:00PM

The president’s State of the Union address was a call to action to level the playing field for all Americans. Russell Simmons has been active in the fight for fairness, and joins Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about the progress made. watch

‘They deserve a vote’

‘They deserve a vote’

02/13/13 07:00PM

President Obama made it very clear in the State of the Union speech that he will not back down on gun control, and argued that people who have been victims of gun violence deserve a vote. Rev. Al Sharpton explains. watch


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