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Both candidates stake claim on momentum

Both candidates stake claim on momentum

10/24/12 08:00PM

President Obama is on a whirlwind tour around the country as the end of the campaign nears, in hopes of keeping his numbers up. The president currently leads in the polls and is ahead but as much as 5 points in Ohio, yet the Romney campaign claims they... watch


Extreme anti-Obama films, billboards flood swing states

10/24/12 07:41PM

With just under two weeks until the election, anonymous donors and super PACs are pulling out all the stops to flood swing states with often crude incendiary anti-Obama material. Billboards, free DVDs in the mail, and of course, TV commercials are all pushing the false conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim and has been hiding the true story of his birth. read more

Donald Trump makes his "big announcement" on YouTube.

Poll: Will Trump's announcement have any impact?

10/24/12 04:38PM

The big time Romney-supporter and birther conspiracy enthusiast Donald Trump finally revealed the "big announcement" he'd been hyping all week this morning. After waxing on with the beloved right-wing talking point that our 44th president has not been properly vetted, he gave Pres. Obama an offer that according to Trump the president "can't refuse," announcing he will give $5 million to the charity of Pres. Obama's choice if the president releases his college transcripts and applications. It has a lot of folks wondering if Trump understands the meaning of the phrase "October Surprise." read more

Photo: AP/Scott Bauer

With 13 days to go, 6.4 million votes already cast

10/24/12 02:30PM

November 6th is 13 days away, but for more than one million Americans, Election Day was Tuesday the 23rd. According to data provided by the George Mason University Elections project, more than 6.4 million Americans have cast ballots across the country, and that's up from 5.1 million Tuesday afternoon. These are big numbers. Check out some of the swing-state highlights:
 More than 800,000 voters have cast ballots in Ohio. 
 read more

Photo: AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File

Buckeye of the storm: Why Ohio voting rights matter

10/23/12 03:50PM

With only 14 days until election day, it has become even clearer that Ohio voters are probably going to be deciding whether Mitt Romney gets to move into the White House, or President Obama gets to stick around for another four years. Nate Silver of the New York Times FiveThirtyEight blog posted this map of "Tipping Point States" this morning: read more

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama answer a question during the third presidential debate at Lynn University, Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, in Boca Raton, Fla. (AP Photo/Pool-Win McNamee)

Polls: Who won the 3rd presidential debate? Best zinger?

10/22/12 11:00PM

The candidates battled fiercely at their third and final debate on foreign policy, with Mitt Romney drawing contrast from Pres. Barack Obama more in terms of tone than of policy. Rev. Sharpton's big criticism of Romney tonight was his "schizophrenia" after he distanced himself from positions he's taken while he's been campaigning for office. Rev also criticized Romney's lack of vision, "It's almost enough to make you miss George Bush - at least he had a doctrine." We want to know what you think. We've got two polls for you to answer tonight. First, the basic question: who won this one? read more

Ghost of George W. Bush haunts Romney’s...

Ghost of George W. Bush haunts Romney’s debate

10/22/12 08:00PM

Former President George W. Bush may be the third person on stage during the presidential debate on foreign policy. His influence can be seen in Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors as 17 of them come from the Bush-Cheney administration. Former... watch

Clear Channel removes voter fraud billboards

Clear Channel removes voter fraud billboards

10/22/12 08:00PM

Billboards declaring voter fraud as a crime are being removed by Clear Channel after complaints of voter intimidation. The billboards will be replaced with a message that says voting is a right, not a crime. Bishop Victor Curry and Lee Rowland of the... watch

Workers rally over lost jobs

Workers rally over lost jobs

10/22/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney uses his experience as CEO at Bain Capital as proof he’s ready to run the country, but that experience includes shipping jobs overseas. Rev. Al Sharpton rallied with workers whose jobs at Sensata are being shipped to China by Bain Capital. watch

Early voting may boost Obama’s numbers

Early voting may boost Obama’s numbers

10/22/12 08:00PM

Early voting is underway in 23 states, and while polls show the race is tight, the early vote is working in President Obama’s favor. MSNBC’s Krystal Ball and Erin McPike of Real Clear Politics discuss what could swing the election for the president. watch

Facts debunk GOP Benghazi talking point

Facts debunk GOP Benghazi talking point

10/22/12 08:00PM

Some Republicans are claiming officials created a cover-up by initially linking the Libya attack to protests over an anti-Muslim video, but the CIA documents at the time supported what the Obama administration was saying. Sen. John Kerry weighs in on... watch

Campaign Calculus

John Kerry: Romney has 'zero experience in foreign policy'

10/22/12 07:17PM

To hear John Kerry talk, we might as well be calling Mitt Romney "junior." The Democratic senator of Massachusetts, who has been playing the Republican nominee in debate practice with President Obama, skewered Romney as having "zero experience in foreign policy" just hours before Monday night's debate. When it comes to foreign policy, Romney and vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan are the "single most inexperienced twosome to run for president and vice president in modern history of our country," declared Kerry to Politics Nation's Al Sharpton. read more

Photo: The Cleveland Plain Dealer/Pat Galbincea

The billboard battle: what's really 'un-American'?

10/22/12 03:02PM

After weeks of pressure, Clear Channel announced this weekend it will take down the anonymous voter fraud billboards that had been placed in minority communities in Wisconsin and Ohio, prompting concerns of voter intimidation from many activists. As those 140 or so billboards come down, another 15 billboards proclaiming that "Voting is a right, not a crime" will go up in the same neighborhoods in Cleveland. Pro-voting billboards will go up in Milwaukee too. read more