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For Obama, the gun control battle is personal

For Obama, the gun control battle is personal

02/20/13 07:00PM

Rev. Al Sharpton, Cynthia Tucker, and Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer describe the gun scare that President Obama experienced during his days as a young community organizer that made the gun control battle a personal cause for him, as well as how his time as an... watch

Janay McFarlane (Facebook)

Rev. Sharpton talked to the mother of a slain Chicago teen: yet another mother, yet another teen

02/19/13 08:27PM

On Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Destini Warren felt like one of the luckiest girls in Chicago. She got to see President Obama in person, attending a speech he gave on fairness, equality, and the gun violence plaguing her hometown of Chicago. Hours later, her 18-year-old sister Janay McFarlane was, like so many Chicago teens, in the wrong place... read more

Translating bqwhatever

Translating bqwhatever

02/19/13 07:00PM

Former Senator Scott Brown explains his now infamous bqhatevwr and blames it on his phone. Rev. Al Sharpton has the details. watch

18 year-old mother gunned down near Chicago

18 year-old mother gunned down near Chicago

02/19/13 07:00PM

Tragedies of gun violence continue. Angela Blakely, the mother of 18 year-old Janay McFarlane who was gunned down last week in North Chicago, joins Politics Nation to speak about the need for gun control. watch

Magda Castaneda, who opposes the Tea Party, yells during a Tea Party rally at the Daley Plaza Thursday, April 15, 2010, in Chicago. (Photo by Paul Beaty/AP)

On 4th birthday, tea party won't back down

02/19/13 05:33PM

Four years ago, CNBC's Rick Santelli went into an angry tirade on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in which he called for a tea party resurgence. "We're thinking of having a Chicago tea party in July," he said. "All you capitalists that want to show up to Lake Michigan, I'm going to start organizing."... read more


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