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E.g., 10/23/2014
E.g., 10/23/2014
Photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Obama becomes first sitting president to vote early

10/25/12 05:37PM

President Obama made history today, becoming the first sitting president to cast a ballot before Election Day. On the campaign trail before casting his vote, he praised early voting as a "great option" for people who "lead very busy lives." He encouraged supporters to vote early in a video he recorded just before leaving for Chicago to cast that ballot. The president joined more than 7.5 million Americans who have already voted either in person or by mail, including his wife. The first lady cast her ballot early by mail last week. read more


Extreme anti-Obama films, billboards flood swing states

10/24/12 07:41PM

With just under two weeks until the election, anonymous donors and super PACs are pulling out all the stops to flood swing states with often crude incendiary anti-Obama material. Billboards, free DVDs in the mail, and of course, TV commercials are all pushing the false conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim and has been hiding the true story of his birth. read more

Donald Trump makes his "big announcement" on YouTube.

Poll: Will Trump's announcement have any impact?

10/24/12 04:38PM

The big time Romney-supporter and birther conspiracy enthusiast Donald Trump finally revealed the "big announcement" he'd been hyping all week this morning. After waxing on with the beloved right-wing talking point that our 44th president has not been properly vetted, he gave Pres. Obama an offer that according to Trump the president "can't refuse," announcing he will give $5 million to the charity of Pres. Obama's choice if the president releases his college transcripts and applications. It has a lot of folks wondering if Trump understands the meaning of the phrase "October Surprise." read more

Photo: AP/Scott Bauer

With 13 days to go, 6.4 million votes already cast

10/24/12 02:30PM

November 6th is 13 days away, but for more than one million Americans, Election Day was Tuesday the 23rd. According to data provided by the George Mason University Elections project, more than 6.4 million Americans have cast ballots across the country, and that's up from 5.1 million Tuesday afternoon. These are big numbers. Check out some of the swing-state highlights:
 More than 800,000 voters have cast ballots in Ohio. 
 read more

Photo: AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File

Buckeye of the storm: Why Ohio voting rights matter

10/23/12 03:50PM

With only 14 days until election day, it has become even clearer that Ohio voters are probably going to be deciding whether Mitt Romney gets to move into the White House, or President Obama gets to stick around for another four years. Nate Silver of the New York Times FiveThirtyEight blog posted this map of "Tipping Point States" this morning: read more