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The insider's take on Obama's second term

The insider's take on Obama's second term

04/08/13 06:50PM

Former Obama staffer Ben LaBolt and Nia-Malika Henderson join Rev. Al Sharpton to explain how the president's second term will differ from his first, and how he'll work to accomplish his progressive goals. watch

The worst guy for minority outreach?

The worst guy for minority outreach?

04/08/13 06:40PM

With news of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joining the GOP's minority outreach efforts this week, Rev. Sharpton remembers his past criticism of the Civil Rights Act and wonders how he intends to connect with students at a historically black university. watch

Several thousand protest marchers are led past the State Capitol Building at Atlanta, Georgia, May 23, 1970 by (starting second from left), Rev. J. E. Lowery Chairman of the Board of the Southern Christian leadership Conference; Leonard Woodcock, newly...

Living legends of civil rights on the struggles of the past, and the future

04/06/13 09:34AM

As the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 45th anniversary of his death, visiting his memorial in Washington can be hard for many--especially anyone who didn't live through the 1960's civil rights movement--to realize just how controversial civil rights leaders like Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and Rev. Ralph Abernathy were. read more

Why women love Hillary

Why women love Hillary

04/05/13 06:33PM

Republicans are trying to win back female voters, but if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, that could be a much harder job. Dana Milbank and Lauren Ashburn join Rev. Sharpton to discuss why. watch


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