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E.g., 12/19/2014
First Lady Michelle Obama announces "Argo" as the winner of the Best Picture award at the Oscars (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Rightwing backlash to Michelle Obama's Oscar night appearance

02/25/13 03:45PM

Michelle Obama's surprise appearance at Sunday night's Academy Awards  has set off many on the right, criticizing her for supposedly crashing or forcing herself on the event. The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin wrote a scathing review of the first lady's appearance, complaining about nearly every word she said, and claiming she must have felt "entitled" to "intrude" on the big Hollywood night. In her eyes, an appearance like last night's "makes both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping. In this case, it was just downright weird." read more

Bobby Schostak, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, waves to the crowd from the stage as Michigan Republicans convene at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Mich. on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013. (AP Photo/The Detroit News, Dale G. Young)

Michigan GOP backs electoral college rigging scheme

02/25/13 08:45AM

The electoral college rigging scheme that drew criticism of cheating and was disavowed by many prominent Republicans now has the official backing of more than 1,300 Michigan Republicans. According to the Detroit Free-Press, at the GOP party convention in Lansing this weekend more than 90% of Republicans voted in favor of a resolution to change the electoral vote distribution process from winner-take-all to one in which 14 of the state's votes went to the winner in each congressional district. The final two votes would go to the state's overall winner. read more

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears before the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the 11 September 2012 attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA, 23 January 2013. (Photo by Michael...

The purple rose of Texas: How Hillary could turn Texas blue

02/22/13 07:40PM

Since the 1980's, Texas has been the heart of the red states of America, sending its sizable allotment of electoral votes to the Republican candidate year after year. But a top Republican thinks Hillary Clinton could push the state into purple territory. “If she’s the nominee, I would say that this is a ‘lean Republican’ state but not a ‘solid Republican’ state," Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri tells Real Clear Politics.  "I don’t know anyone nationally who’s scoffing at this. The national party leadership is aware and tells me they’re taking it seriously.” read more

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Is Ted Cruz the new McCarthy?

02/22/13 03:20PM

New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer on Friday became the latest to ask if Texas freshman Sen. Ted Cruz is the new Joseph McCarthy, the man who infamously accused countless individuals of communism based on no evidence. Sen. Barbara Boxer and msnbc's own Chris Matthews have made similar insinuations about Cruz after his aggressive questioning of Chuck Hagel and factually inaccurate allegations. But it turns out Cruz accused his own alma mater (Harvard Law School) of "harboring a dozen Communists"--and that discovery adds another plank to the argument. read more

File Photo: African-Americans line up to vote in the presidential election November 4, 2008 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Crucial protection for minority voters in peril

02/22/13 06:00AM

Delores Freelon had been a reliable voter for decades. But in 2011, her home state of South Carolina passed a restrictive photo ID law that threatened to prevent her from casting a ballot. Freelon’s driver’s license was set to expire later that year, and she couldn’t get a new one without a birth certificate. But like many older African-Americans born in the rural south, her birth certificate had no first name on it. Though Freelon had a Social Security card, a Medicare card, and a state health insurance card all bearing her name, she appeared to be out of luck. read more

Ted Cruz, new Republican savior?

Ted Cruz, new Republican savior?

02/21/13 07:00PM

The right’s going crazy for freshman Sen. Ted Cruz – including Karl Rove. Jonathan Capehart, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, and Rev. Al Sharpton talk about if Ted Cruz and his extreme right-wing ideologies are the GOP’s idea of change. watch