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Here they toast Mexican President Felipe Calderon during a luncheon at the State Department.  (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Poll: Clinton top of her field in popularity

02/08/13 09:15AM

Talk about going out on top! A week after leaving her post, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's popularity surpasses most major national politicians, including President Barack Obama, her successor John Kerry, and many other possible 2016 rivals in both parties, according to a poll released Friday. Clinton has a 61% favorability rating, with only 34% unfavorability, according to the Quinnipiac poll. Vice President Joe Biden is the second most popular politician by the same measure, with a 46% -41% favorability. Obama trails him slightly with a 46% - 45% split. read more

Don't let the halo being put above New Jersey governor Chris Christie fool you, argued host Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday in her open letter. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)

Weight, weight, don't tell me...

02/07/13 08:21PM

The growing controversy over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's weight hit a new high this week when Christie told a doctor to "shut up" over her criticism of his weight. read more

Hand guns that were turned in by their owners are seen in a trash bin at a gun buyback held by the Los Angeles Police Department following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, in Los Angeles, California, December 26, 2012. ...

Guns: NY has effective background checks; now it's Washington's turn

02/07/13 07:45PM

New York leaders and lawmakers moved faster than anyone else in response to the Sandy Hook elementary shootings, passing sweeping gun control reforms within six weeks of the horrific tragedy. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is responsible for more than just enforcing those laws, he also helped develop them. read more

Tea Partiers push back on Karl Rove

Tea Partiers push back on Karl Rove

02/07/13 07:00PM

Former Rep. Barney Frank joins the Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss how Republicans are in disarray after “the brains” of the GOP, Karl Rove, made enemies within his own party this week for pushing a new organization that aims to weed out far-right Tea... watch

Cowan makes Senate history

Cowan makes Senate history

02/07/13 07:00PM

William “Mo” Cowan made history on Thursday when he took the official oath of office on the Senate floor. For the first time ever, two African-Americans are now serving in the Senate at the same time. watch

Is Christie too fat to be president?

Is Christie too fat to be president?

02/07/13 07:00PM

Rev. Al Sharpon talks about how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight is under spotlight after a former White House doctor said he was worried Christie would die in office if elected president. Radio host Joe Madison and The Washington Post’s Dana... watch

Protesters from CODEPINK, a social justice group opposed to U.S. funded wars, disrupt the start of a Senate Intelligence Committee's confirmation hearing for John Brennan, the top White House adviser on counterterrorism and nominee to lead the Central...

WATCH: Demonstrators interrupt Brennan confirmation hearings

02/07/13 03:37PM

Senator Diane Feinstein was forced to clear a confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday after repeated outbursts from demonstrators. Five different protesters from CODEPINK interrupted John Brennan's opening remarks in a five minute span, yelling about government secrecy and the children causalities of drone attacks. One held a sign that called Brennan a "national security risk." read more

This undated family photo provided by Damon Stewart shows 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton of Chicago. Pendleton was shot and killed Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, in a Chicago park as she talked with friends by a gunman who apparently was not even aiming at her....

Michelle Obama to attend Hadiya Pendleton's funeral

02/07/13 02:20PM

White House officials tell NBC News that first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Chicago Saturday to attend the funeral service for Hadiya Pendleton, the teenager killed by a stray bullet in a park about a mile away from the Obama's Chicago home. Pendleton's death garnered national headlines because she didn't fit the profile of the typical teen lost to gun violence. She was nonviolent, anti-gang, and educationally-minded. She had performed for the president in the Inauguration Day parade only the week before the shooting. read more

President Obama speaking at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Lansdowne, Va. on Feb. 7, 2013. (File photo by Charles Dharapak/AP)

Obama pushes for humility and fairness in speech to House Dems

02/07/13 02:05PM

President Obama urged his Democratic colleagues in the House to be humble but still feel "confident and bold" about pursuing the populist agenda of fairness and equality, even predicting that the Democrats can take back the House if they focus on "giving back" and "the broader community" in a speech Thursday. "We don't have a monopoly on wisdom and we need to remember that," he said, but reminded Democrats to have confidence about "the values we care about and what we stand for." read more

(Photo by George Widman/AP Photo/File)

Rep. Maloney: Finally, Republicans are signing on to pass gun control

02/06/13 09:30PM

Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is optimistic about gun control legislation, insisting that Republicans are ready to pass real reforms. She credits the American public with helping to turn the tide. "There's a new sense of urgency," she said on Wednesday's PoliticsNation. The American people have been very clear that they want to stop the threat of gun violence across America for our children, and they want to see something get done." read more

President Reagan's official White House photo in 1981. (Photo by White House/AP Photo)

GOP celebrates Reagan's 102nd birthday by breaking his 11th commandment

02/06/13 08:16PM

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." President Ronald Reagan called it the 11th Commandment. The GOP in general has been fairly disciplined in the last couple of decades. But on Wednesday--which would have been Reagan's 102nd birthday--it was clear that the Commandment no longer holds sway. In fact, the party is engaged in something of a  civil war. read more

FOX focusing on Clinton’s face

FOX focusing on Clinton’s face

02/06/13 07:00PM

FOX host Steve Doocy made comments insinuating Hillary Clinton had a facelift. He later walked back the comments and claimed he was talking about her website but Rev. Al Sharpton isn’t buying it. watch

Obama’s numbers on the rise

Obama’s numbers on the rise

02/06/13 07:00PM

President Obama’s new strategy appears to be working. His approval numbers on immigration and gun control are growing, and more GOP governors are falling in line with his Medicaid expansion plan. Joy Reid and Ryan Grim join Rev. Al Sharpton. watch