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Castro’s brothers reveal his monstrous side

Castro’s brothers reveal his monstrous side

05/13/13 06:16PM

As the Castro brothers speak for the first time about their brother Ariel’s disgusting behavior, AP reporter Meghan Barr shares her stories from the other friends and family who knew Castro’s monstrous side, especially his abuse of the mother of his... watch

President Obama during a press conference at the White House in Washington on May 13, 2013. (Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

The 7 other 'scandals' that didn't turn out to be Obama's Watergate

05/13/13 04:30PM

Between the recent Benghazi hearing and reports of the IRS's targeting of Tea Party groups, Republicans and the right-wing media have had a field day waxing on about the new scandals that will bring down President Obama. The comparisons to Watergate abound, especially among those who remember that Nixon’s impeachment articles included... read more

Was Castro like Fritzl?

Was Castro like Fritzl?

05/10/13 06:36PM

Ariel Castro’s alleged crimes are horrendous, but few predators were as twisted as Josef Fritzl. Criminologist Brian Levin joins Rev. Sharpton to discuss what drives a man to such depravity, and how his victims can recover. watch

The double life of Ariel Castro

The double life of Ariel Castro

05/10/13 05:59PM

How did Ariel Castro lead his double life? Khalid Samad describes how he watched Castro pretend to help look for Gina DeJesus, and consoled her mother, when he allegedly had her locked up in his home. watch

Understanding how the victims felt in...

Understanding how the victims felt in captivity

05/09/13 06:37PM

As we wait to hear from the Cleveland kidnapping victims, Rose Maura Lorre, a former kidnapping victim, and Marc Klaas, whose daughter was kidnapped at the age of 12, share their experiences with abduction. And FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt reveals... watch


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