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When the IRS targeted liberals

When the IRS targeted liberals

05/14/13 06:32PM

Julian Bond, former head of the NAACP, joins Rev. Sharpton to describe his experiences with the IRS when his organization was subject to unfair targeting during the Bush administration. watch

Former RNC state director Pablo Pantoja says he switched from Republican to Democrat because of “culture of intolerance.” (Photo courtesy Pablo Pantoja)

RNC Latino outreach director now a Democrat

05/14/13 09:50AM

A mere two months after the Republican National Committee rolled out its $10 million minority outreach campaign, the committee's director in charge of Florida's Hispanic outreach says he's now "taking a stand against this culture of intolerance" and is abandoning the GOP to become Democrat. read more

Kermit Gosnell found guilty of murder

Kermit Gosnell found guilty of murder

05/13/13 06:26PM

On the day the jury reaches a guilty verdict in the horrific trial, Rev. Sharpton explains why what was going on at the house of horrors should not be used to block women from accessing safe and legal abortion services. watch

Castro’s brothers reveal his monstrous side

Castro’s brothers reveal his monstrous side

05/13/13 06:16PM

As the Castro brothers speak for the first time about their brother Ariel’s disgusting behavior, AP reporter Meghan Barr shares her stories from the other friends and family who knew Castro’s monstrous side, especially his abuse of the mother of his... watch


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