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E.g., 3/2/2015
"Rocky" zombie target that was removed from the NRA convention floor (Photo via zombieindustries.com)

Obama the Zombie? Just a coincidence, says the company

05/06/13 06:48PM

In response to the controversy over a Zombie-target resembling President Obama that was displayed at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting this weekend, Zombie Industries released a statement to msnbc explaining that they sell the product in part to prove that they do not "discriminate against African-Americans." The... read more

Rush Limbaugh haunted by Sandra Fluke...

Rush Limbaugh haunted by Sandra Fluke comments

05/06/13 06:47PM

According to new reports Rush Limbaugh may be ending his radio contract over continued backlash to his controversial comments over Sandra Fluke. Rev. Sharpton discusses what Rush-free airwaves might mean for American democracy, and how Limbaugh earned... watch

Obama makes subtle push for cooperation in...

Obama makes subtle push for cooperation in OSU address

05/06/13 06:33PM

In his remarks to the Ohio State University Class of 2013, President Obama talked about the importance of people with differing views coming together to build the country together. Jonathan Capehart and Abby Huntsman join Rev. Sharpton to discuss what... watch

Can the sequester be stopped?

Can the sequester be stopped?

05/06/13 06:18PM

New reports show that domestic violence victims will become the latest victims of the sequester cuts, but will it be enough to convince the GOP to sign on to a deal to stop the budget cuts. watch

Right-wing derangement on display

Right-wing derangement on display

05/06/13 06:00PM

As controversy erupts over zombie targets resembling President Obama that were on display at the NRA convention, Rev. Sharpton discusses the fringe groups in America and the ways in which the president seems to be vilified by so many. watch

Heath Bryant of Cypress assists his son, Tate, 5, to shoot a target using a video game-style of gun at an exhibit booth  during NRA Youth Day events at the National Rifle Association's 142 Annual Meetings and Exhibits in the George R. Brown Convention...

NRA speaker advocates keeping guns in kids' bedrooms

05/06/13 11:00AM

A majority of Americans believe that keeping a gun in the house makes it safer rather than more dangerous, but should that extend to keeping that gun in a child's bedroom? According to one of the speakers at this weekend's NRA Annual Meeting, the answer is yes.... read more

Remembering the Godfather of Soul

Remembering the Godfather of Soul

05/03/13 06:56PM

On what would have been James Brown’s 80th birthday, Rev. Sharpton shares his personal stories from his times with Brown, and explains why he’s always seen him as a father figure. watch

Don't worry, Bill O'Reilly

Don't worry, Bill O'Reilly

05/03/13 06:26PM

Bill O’Reilly says he’s worried about a takeover from the far left. Fortunately, Rev. Sharpton’s here to call him out on his bogus spin. watch

Economy growing, despite GOP obstruction

Economy growing, despite GOP obstruction

05/03/13 06:00PM

Jared Bernstein and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver join Rev. Sharpton to discuss how the economy is improving, especially for the richest Americans, and how it could be improving more broadly and more quickly if Republicans weren’t blocking Pres. Obama’s policies. watch


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