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E.g., 7/8/2015
Did police officer in Michigan plant...

Did police officer in Michigan plant evidence?

03/26/15 06:34PM

Legal analyst Areva Martin and former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey join to discuss the disturbing video uncovered of police officers beating a man after a traffic stop in Michigan - and revelations that one of the officers may have planted evidence in the watch

Will Jeb Bush run on his own merits?

Will Jeb Bush run on his own merits?

03/24/15 06:53PM

Rev. Sharpton and the Conversation Nation panel discuss the big question: Will 2016 Republican presidential prospect Jeb Bush be able to run on his own merits, or will he rely heavily on his name and family history to his advantage? watch

Does Ted Cruz have any chance of winning?

Does Ted Cruz have any chance of winning?

03/23/15 06:17PM

Senator Cruz may have been the first out of the gate to announce his bid for the presidency, but he's got a long way to go to win the Republican base. Can Cruz beat Sen. Rand Paul or Jeb Bush? Victoria DeFrancesco Soto says Cruz has a watch


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