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E.g., 10/25/2014

"She has a right to sing her song wherever she likes and make her own life choices, but CBS also has a right to not appear insensitive by using her song, with her associations, in a broadcast they probably knew was going to address domestic violence among NFL players. It's her place to make music and the broadcaster's place to decide how and when to use it."

"She has a point. They cut her song because she was a victim of abuse and the abuse apologists at CBS didn't mind talking about the Rice issue for 20 minutes but they didn't want to remind viewers afterwards that the victims of violence are real people you can see, hear and talk to."

'I’m Ba-ack': Hillary Clinton hints at 2016

'I’m Ba-ack': Hillary Clinton hints at 2016

09/15/14 06:31PM

Hillary Clinton revisits Iowa for the first time since her 2008 presidential campaign and gives some big hints about 2016. Krystal Ball and Marc Morial join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss what she needs to do to win the democratic nomination. watch

Will Congress back Obama's plan to fight...

Will Congress back Obama's plan to fight ISIS?

09/15/14 06:15PM

Today, world leaders gathered in Paris pledging military and logistical support to President Obama’s campaign to defeat the terrorist group ISIS, as part of the U.S. plan. Today’s summit comes after ISIS released another beheading video. Rep. Chaka Fattah watch

Ray Rice will appeal NFL suspension

Ray Rice will appeal NFL suspension

09/15/14 06:00PM

MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor and Dana Jacobson join Rev. Al Sharpton to debate the latest in the NFL’s Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, including Rice’s appeal of his indefinite suspension. watch

Appeals court reinstates Wisconsin voter...

Appeals court reinstates Wisconsin voter ID law

09/12/14 06:29PM

Rev. Al Sharpton breaks news out of Wisconsin about a controversial voter ID law that will effect midterm elections less than a month away. Then, he sits down with Martin Luther King III to talk about the country-wide issue of voter suppression. watch