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E.g., 8/5/2015
GOP: ‘Hillary’s hiding’

GOP: ‘Hillary’s hiding’

02/10/15 06:43PM

The GOP’s new strategy against Hillary Clinton is to actually try and push her into running. The RNC posted a memo on the GOP’s home page declaring Clinton is “hiding.” Rev. Sharpton turns to his panel to discuss. watch

Obama asks for military force against ISIS

Obama asks for military force against ISIS

02/10/15 05:59PM

Tuesday afternoon, there was an emotional reaction from the family of Kayla Mueller, who was killed while being held hostage by ISIS. Rev. Sharpton talks to Rep. Gregory Meeks to discuss how this has impacted Pres. Obama’s new military strategy. watch

Remembering Dean Smith

Remembering Dean Smith

02/09/15 06:58PM

Rev. Sharpton pays tribute to a college basketball legend. Long-time University of North Carolina coach Dean Smith died over the weekend at the age of 83. watch


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