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Senate helps themselves, ends FAA furloughs

Senate helps themselves, ends FAA furloughs

04/26/13 05:59PM

Congress passed a bill to end the cuts and furloughs that caused thousands of flight delays this week. But what about the other programs suffering from the sequester? Reverend Al Sharpton talks to Dana Milbank and Jared Bernstein about Congress’ latest... watch

Photos released by the FBI of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case

Racial profiling helps terrorists

04/26/13 04:34PM

In the 1990s, National Action Network and I worked on a case with the late Johnnie Cochran where we introduced the term racial profiling into America's lexicon. Four young Black and Latino men from New York were traveling to North Carolina for a basketball tournament when two White police officers pulled them over on the New Jersey Turnpike... read more

What Republicans really think of Rush

What Republicans really think of Rush

04/25/13 06:34PM

A secret tape shows what Republicans really think of radio host Rush Limbaugh – and how they’re too cowardly to say it publicly.  Joe Madison and David Corn join the PoliticsNation panel to discuss the secret recording and what it shows about the inner... watch

Have we really had enough Bushes?

Have we really had enough Bushes?

04/25/13 06:17PM

When Barbara Bush was asked about son Jeb’s future in the White House, her response was the sound bite of the day: “We’ve had enough Bushes.” Louis DuBose from The Washington Spectator and author Jim Hightower talk to Reverend Al Sharpton about what to... watch


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