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E.g., 4/25/2015
Report: 295k jobs added in February

Report: 295k jobs added in February

03/06/15 06:00PM

Jobs have been added at a blistering pace in February: The latest jobs report says 295,000 jobs were added to the economy last month, while unemployment dipped to 5.5 percent. Rep. Jim McDermott and Austan Goolsbee weigh in. watch

LaGuardia closes after plane skids off runway

LaGuardia closes after plane skids off runway

03/05/15 05:59PM

Rev. Sharpton talks to NBC News correspondent Tom Costello and plane passenger Marques Zak about what caused a Delta flight to run off the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Later, Sharpton talks to Jay Rollins, retired American Airlines captain. watch

Hillary's 'Home Brew' email server

Hillary's 'Home Brew' email server

03/04/15 06:16PM

The subpoena by the House Select Committee on Benghazi comes as there are new questions about Hillary Clinton’s use of personal emails while Secretary of State. Democratic Strategist Jamal Simmons and The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim join to discuss. watch

SCOTUS begins ACA arguments

SCOTUS begins ACA arguments

03/04/15 06:00PM

Rev. Sharpton talks to Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) and Jeffrey Rosen, president of the National Constitution Center, about the Supreme Court arguments challenging President Obama's Affordable Care Act. watch

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Rev's Early Reads: March 4

03/04/15 06:33AM

Supreme Court arguments in anti-Obamacare case... Justice Dept. civil rights report on Ferguson police... states' rights invoked to stop Alabama gay marriage. read more


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