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E.g., 6/29/2017
Is Trump winning because of his simple...

Is Trump winning because of his simple message?

02/28/16 08:40AM

Marco Rubio is now hitting back at Donald Trump with a sustained personal line of attacks, but is it too late? And if Trump wins the nomination, will Republicans run negative ads against him? The Washington Post's Dana Milbank and GOP strategist Susan Del Percio join to discuss. watch

Sanders camp regroups after SC loss

Sanders camp regroups after South Carolina loss

02/28/16 08:18AM

Bernie Sanders is setting his sights on Super Tuesday, with nearly a third of the delegates needed to win the nomination up for grabs. Sanders Campaign National Press Secretary Symone Sanders joins to discuss. watch

Oscars Diversity

Oscars Diversity

02/26/16 07:06PM

Critics and social media commentators raised concern over the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominations. MSNBC’s Reverend Al Sharpton looks into the history of the diversity problem in Hollywood. watch

Stanley Nelson on new Black Panther Doc

Rev sits down with Filmmaker on new Black Panther Doc

02/16/16 05:45PM

Beyoncé’s half-time Super Bowl performance had the nation buzzing about what some said was her use of Black Panther imagery. Rev. Sharpton talked to filmmaker Stanley Nelson about his new documentary – The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution -- and about why the group is still relevant (and controversial) in 2016. watch

Selective outrage on election fraud?

Selective outrage on election fraud?

02/07/16 08:51AM

Voters in New Hampshire will have to do something they've never had to do in the primary before -- show photo I.D. The Nation's Ari Berman joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss. watch

Democrats fight for union support

Democrats fight for union support

01/31/16 08:19AM

The National Steelworkers' Union hasn't made an endorsement for a presidential candidate yet. Member of Steelworkers Local 310 John Campbell, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss. watch


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