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Where’s the apology? Silence from the right on Hillary’s illness


From snickering about “immaculate concussion” to skeptically bemoaning the “Benghazi flu,” Clinton’s critics have had a lot of disregard and very little concern for the secretary of state’s health since a concussion forced her to delay testimony on the Benghazi attacks.

Clinton had been at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital since Sunday where she had been under close watch by doctors who had discovered a blood clot between her brain and skull found during a follow-up MRI.

But so far the right has been relatively silent after hurling a barrage of criticism at the secretary of state. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton gave one of the most blatant accusations in an interview before Christmas. “When you don’t want to go to a meeting or a conference or an event you have a ‘diplomatic illness,’” he said. “And this is a diplomatic illness to beat the band.”

When asked Tuesday if he was willing to amend those remarks in light of recent news, Bolton refused.

Others, including conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, took a more sarcastic angle than Bolton, calling her condition a “Benghazi allergy” and joking that she had “the first reported case and it was very severe.”

Laura Ingraham was so sarcastic about Clinton that she went from saying she had “great respect” for her to joking about her “immaculate concussion” in the same sentence. So far it appears she’s the only person to address Clinton’s recently confirmed illness. Most recently she’s been pointing her critics to a Christmas eve tweet in which she acknowledged a source who said Clinton had in fact “taken a bad fall.” Even that tweet seems a little too irreverent to show genuine concern for the potentially life-threatening condition, considering she included the line “Her testimony WILL happen. #Miracles” at the end.

The New York Post seemed to have played the story both ways, writing a Dec. 18 headline “Hillary Clinton’s Head Fake,” only to follow it up with a New Years Eve article that complained of “cynics in the media and in Congress sneered that Clinton was faking the concussion to avoid testimony about the attack.”

Clinton deserves an apology from all those who questioned the legitimacy of her condition, but at this point it doesn’t look like she’ll get one anytime soon.

Where's the apology? Silence from the right on Hillary's illness