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Maine governor scared of newspapers

To some on the right-wing newspapers are a threat to safety. Maine Governor Paul LePage said his greatest fear in Maine is newspapers. Rev. Al Sharpton...

What’s black and white and read by fewer and fewer Republicans?


We’ve heard more than a few Republicans criticize the mainstream media but few, if any, have ever admitted they’re actually afraid of it. Maine Governor Paul LePage changed all that this weekend.

According to a report in the Waterville Morning Sentinel, in response to a student question about his fears, the governor replied, “My greatest fear in the state of Maine: newspapers,” he said to the school children. “I’m not a fan of newspapers.” He accused newspapers of lacking objectivity. “If they were fair and balanced, I would be a supporter.” According to the Sentinel report LePage said he doesn’t have the same problems with TV and radio “because they don’t ‘spin’ the news.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has taken a more sly approach, advising his colleagues to abstain. “The first thing I would urge to every Republican in the House of Representatives is stop reading The New York Times,” he said at the National Review Institute summit last month. “Cancel your subscription.”

Seems like Republicans aren’t just preaching newspaper abstinence, but practicing it too.

What's black and white and read by fewer and fewer Republicans?