WATCH: Rev. Sharpton’s 2013 Essence Fest Keynote


Rev. Al Sharpton has been attending Essence Festival for nearly two decades. On July 6 he gave the keynote address, talking about the need to keep fighting for civil rights in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who led the March on Washington five decades ago this August.

“Fifty years ago they marched in Washington and Dr. King talked about a dream,” he said. ”Fifty years later on August 24th we’re going back to Washington. Not to commemorate the March, but to continue the March, because just like they stood up 50 years ago, we’ve got to stand up now.”

“We didn’t come this far for them to take our right to vote,” he added later.

Watch his full address above.

ESSENCE Festival

WATCH: Rev. Sharpton's 2013 Essence Fest Keynote