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The wrong way to deal with a ‘birther princess’


Rev. Sharpton doesn’t often agree with Republican lawmakers, but he went out of his way Friday to commend Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin for shutting down a self-described “birther princess” at a town hall this week.

In the video, captured by ThinkProgress, Mullin starts out by cutting off the woman as she asks about “Obama’s identification fraud”–a “refreshing” response, in Sharpton’s view.

But instead of debunking her, Mullin reveals that he doesn’t take issue the substance of her question, but the timing. In fact, it’s apparent that Mullin believes the birther conspiracy theories.

“I believe it’s still there, but my God, if we didn’t prove it in the first four years, what do you think the chances are now?”

“The chances are none,” Sharpton responded on Friday’s program.