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Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman

Two officers were fired after video emerged showing them beating Keyarika "Shea" Diggles. Ms. Diggles and her attorney, Cade Bernsen join Rev. Justice to explain what happened and why they want justice.

Texas cops fired after being caught on tape


The city of Jasper, Texas, has fired two white police officers after video emerged that showed them slamming a black woman’s head into a counter top and wrestling her to the ground.

That woman, Keyarika “Shea” Diggles and her attorney, Cade Bernsen, joined PoliticsNation on Tuesday to tell her side of the story.

“I was scared, I thought they were going to kill me,” Diggles said on the show.

PoliticsNation reached out the Jasper Police on Tuesday and they declined to comment on this story.


On Wednesday, Bernsen returned to PoliticsNation and was joined by City Councilman Alton Scott, who obtained the security camera footage, to talk more about the incident and race relations in Jasper.

Watch that interview below.

Texas cops fired after being caught on tape