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Super PAC encourages users to ‘Slap Hillary’


We’re still more than a year away from any possible announcement of a Hillary Clinton candiacy for president, but that hasn’t slowed conservatives from attacking her on a regular basis.

And now, a super PAC has given her biggest enemies the opportunity to pretend to slap her around. A super PAC known as “the Hillary Project” has unveiled a website with a game that allows users to virtually slap a cartoon likeness of the former secretary of state. The site also urges users to “Slap Hillary for real by signing the petition to stop her from running for president.”

In addition to the “Slap Hillary” game, the site features the much more benign “Dancing Hillary” game, and a “Street Fight: Obama vs. Hillary” game that allows users to pretend to fight as one of the two Democrats in the style of arcade games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

According to the Washington Examiner, the treasurer of the super PAC is Christopher Marston, a one-time supporter for Rick Santorum.

Do you think the “Slap Hillary” game crosses the line?